Jewellery Architect 

Sofie is a well-respected Danish architect and interior designer. Even by Scandinavian standards her trademarks are simplicity, minimalism and attention to detail. Having created many inspiring spaces - ranging from rooms and restaurants to entire buildings - Sofie decided to challenge herself with perhaps her most inspiring brief yet. To create a jewellery box full of beautiful things for a woman to wear. The result is a mix of carefully selected classics and uniquely designed pieces.

A collection of refined, simplified and classic jewellery. Intimate, personal items whispering style and subtlety but designed and handcrafted to a standard characteristic of an architect. Not only does Sofie display an uncommon eye for detail, she devotes an uncompromising scrutiny on the quality of materials.

All her jewellery is made of 18K yellow gold and Top Wesselton diamonds. In the long run, an investment in craftsmanship, design and precious resources pays dividends, as there is little that can diminish such attraction or value. After more than a year in the studio, the first evidence of Sofie’s dream can now be shared. Attention to detail, exacting standards and immaculate construction are now available to wear.

Sofie Ladefoged Jewellery
Vestergade 49B, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
+45 30240333