Gothersgade 29
1123 København K, Denmark

Lot#29 is an exclusive multi-brand store located in the heart of Copenhagen. From the very dawning the dogma was to present special, functional and classic add-ons. To make visitors feel like they have discovered a secret chest of finds and treasures. This was the intention when Lot#29 opened in 2003 and it still is today.


Paustian v/Strøget

Niels Hemmingsens Gade 24
1153 København K, Denmark

Paustian’s new flagship store is a modern and inspiring design mekka, in a 1300 m2 state of the art design universe that brings together design classics and exciting new designs. The old bank premises have been transformed into a modern design universe in new beautiful colors in conjunction with the original golden pillars, marble walls and wood paneling.



Store Torv 4
8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

STOY is a leading multibrand store with an international outlook. Centrally located in Aarhus, Denmark. STOY is a natural centre for fashion, culture and development, pushed forward by an engaging workforce in-the-know who takes active part in the city surrounding the store. They believe in personal contact with each customer whether it’s in-store and online. With biannual trips to Paris, London, Berlin and New York our buyers constantly search for the very best item the fashion world has to offer.


Paustian Aarhus

Lille Torv 2
8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Paustian opened a new design and furniture house in Aarhus in December 2018. The store is located on Lille Torv in a beautiful property, known as The Meulengrachtske Palæ, which was built in the year 1816 as the front house in one of Aarhus most prestigious trading houses.