Product care

Sofie Ladefoged Jewellery is a lasting investment that very quickly will become a part of you and your appearance. So you will, naturally, want to look after it and protect it from rough treatment. Fine jewellery like this is well made but it still needs to be treated gently. Gold is a comparatively soft precious metal and should be protected from hard knocks and abrasive surfaces, so always remove your jewellery before playing sport or doing manual work. Soap, lotions, perfume, swimming pool chlorine and even hair spray can all make the surface of gold look dull over time, so you should avoid wearing your jewellery whilst washing or bathing. After washing, make sure you are totally dry before putting on your jewellery, to avoid irritating your skin. It’s annoying when jewellery gets tangled up in clothing, so put it on after dressing and take it off before undressing. Be especially careful around moving parts, such as those found on bicycles, machinery, taps, handles, etc., as some dangling jewellery can get caught up. If your jewellery does get snagged, never tug it or use brute force because it could snap. If your jewellery includes a chain and it gets knotted, gently release the knot as soon as possible.



Properly cared for your jewellery will need cleaning very infrequently. If it does need refreshing, add a very small amount of washing up liquid to a bowl or lukewarm water and allow it to soak. If soiling is heavy, use a soft bristled toothbrush to gently dislodge the dirt. Finally, wipe with a soft, clean, cotton cloth. This advice applies to both gold and diamond jewellery, but we recommend a regular clean of your diamonds.



The best container for your Sofie Ladefoged Jewellery is the specially designed box that it comes in. The best advice is to store it in a safe place where it won’t come into contact with other jewellery or things that could in any way damage it. Avoid pockets and tins. Choose softer and gentle environments.